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Posted on 05.09.2017

You got a long lasting experience in your working field. Therefore, you were able to develop a great product which, because of its functionalities, is far better than the competition.

You’ve contacted your business partners, potential clients, as well as people you know so you can introduce to them your new revolutionary solution.

You’ve created your website, social media profiles and sent PR articles to initiate your digital presence.

You’ve managed to make an initial breakthrough. Great! Now you have your first 20 business clients.

But, what next? How to present your revolutionary product to a wider audience? How to find who on the global market is really interested in the product you’re offering.

Shortly said – how to generate enough leads in a short term with which you can make a contact and sincerely explain to them why is your product exactly they need?

There is one 100% correct answer to that question – “Content is king!”

If you manage to reach your clients, educating them and providing them with real value, then the probability of their conversion is much higher.

But, how to find that particular client, the lead who is visiting your website by showing the interest for your new, revolutionary product?

With Riportus, you can simply identify businesses that have visited your website and for which particular page or product they have shown the most interest. According to that, provide them with useful content and you will simply convert that lead into a customer.

So, we have established 2 fundamental pillars of B2B lead generation: 1) analytics and lead identification; 2) educational content with real value.

Next, we will introduce you to our 5 most favorite ways for building a solid digital strategy for generating B2B leads based on that 2 pillars.



A favorite element of any content marketing strategy. And probably the best medium for B2B businesses that like to highlight their expertise and technical information about their products. Hence, this is THE medium for you!

The global importance of e-books is best highlighted in the research conducted by PricewaherhouseCoopers which says that the total revenue from e-book sales are expected to hit nearly 8.7 billion in 2018. Just consider this – that is an increase of over 3000% since 2008.!

Sounds significant, right? Especially considering its importance for B2B businesses and the above-mentioned growth trend.

Has this made you think about creating your own e-book? Great!

Obviously, you won’t expect to earn money directly by selling e-books. At least not at a short term.

An E-book is a free resource with which you want to give a real value to your leads by educating them and showing your expertise and authority in your business field.

Accordingly, while creating your e-book consider these 3 main tips:

  1. Educate, don’t sell – never ever set the selling or the promotion as your main e-book objective. Of course, the goal of each business is selling. But the point behind e-books is the education of your audience and providing them with real value. An e-book is often the first step a lead makes with your product so it’s important not to kill your reputation by not providing them with the value and information you’ve promised.
  2. Ask for something in return – no, don’t ask your leads for their money. Ask them for their contact information, e-mail address, a media with which you can provide them with additional content in the future.
  3. Capture them ih their customer journey -an educational e-book is a great resource for the initial phase of the customer journey, in which the customer is still researching about his problem. If you manage to make a great first impression in this phase, it is very likely that you just got yourself a quality lead which you can simply convert into a customer in the future.



Running your own blog is probably the best way for generating leads.

As in the case with writing an e-book, the point of a blog is not brag with yourself and your product. Your audience just doesn’t care about that.

Focus your blog and try to explain to your audience what can they get in the return if they become your customers. Provide them with a wider picture of your product. Explain to them the best tactics and ways how to use your product.

For instance, it’s not efficient to write a blog about functionalities and technical aspects of Riportus. We have another page for that.

Therefore, our blog is focused on content which goal is to educate readers about a complete lead generation strategy. Riportus is just a tool which makes this process much easier.

Hence, don’t make your blog just about you and your product. Provide real value to your audience!



Expected this much sooner?

According to a recent DemandWave research, e-mail is the most efficient digital tactic for a B2B lead generation, while 89% marketers stated that their primary channel for generating leads is the e-mail.

Therefore, if you still don’t have an up-and-running e-mail marketing campaign, you’re missing one of the simplest ways for generating new leads.

Once again we’re feeling like a broken record, but the essence of a quality newsletter is the same as the one of an e-book and a blog – to provide a relevant and educational content!

Your audience is not interested in news from your company; they’re interested in content which is relevant to their business and provides them with real value.

Keep the most of your content in the newsletter educational with an occasional company update or a promotional message about your product. Keep with the 80/20 rule!

Don’t forget to include a clear and distinctive CTA button in your newsletter. Make it in a different color than the background. Ask your audience to make only one action, don’t confuse them. Call them to subscribe or to try a free trial or to click for more info. But just one of them!

Don’t miss to personalize your newsletter, while with the A/B testing you can see which content, the tone of voice or design resonates best with your audience.

If you include some e-mail marketing automatization in the whole lead generation process, your campaign will be smooth and consistent.



The basics of each content distribution channel as well as the basics of social networks is to know your buyer persona, their customer journey and their behavior throughout different phases.

Therefore, to run a successful digital strategy, you need to know your ideal customer and the current phase of his customer journey – awareness, consideration or decision phase.

Which social network to use then?

B2B lead generation works better on business social networks. Obviously.

LinkedIn has established itself as the top social network for generating B2B leads. A research conducted by Content Marketing Institute has shown that B2B marketers use LinkedIn more than any other platform.

For the beginning, offer a robust company profile – update your profile completely and deliver all available information.

Unlike other social networks, there is more than 2 million groups on LinkedIn which represent a huge potential for lead generation. Join conversations regarding your business industry and help users by solving their problems.

If you have a comprehensive content marketing strategy for generating B2B leads, don’t miss LinkedIn’s SlideShare and create high-quality presentations for your best content.

Also, LinkedIn offers a simple way to publish blogs which can then be published on the Pulse channel by their editors, which will give you more visits and followers. Perfect for B2B leads.



We all know that a picture is worth a 1000 words and that people resonate better with pictures than with long and boring texts.

We’re also sure that you would rather see this posts in a form of a picture which concisely explains 5 ways for a fast B2B lead generation. Who knows, maybe we’ll transform this post into an infographic some day.

Except the fact that people love them, what else do we know about infographics?

They are shareable.

Social networks love them. They are liked and shared 3x more than any other type of content.

They achieve great organic reach.

They are relatively cheap.

They can be used as a great PR material.

All of this sounds like an excellent way for generating leads. Well, it’s not without a reason in our guide, doh.

First of all, the content you plan to offer to your audience should be valuable and educational. Don’t talk about you and how great you are. Really, don’t. They don’t give a damn for it.

Write a short blog post in which you will describe the infographic. This will ensure that your audience can find the infographic through organic channels. Be sure to include a strong CTA which will lead to your landing page where visitors can leave their information.

And for the end, be sure to include your companies logo and URL at the bottom of the infographic so users can visit your website.



Congratulations, you’ve just finished reading 1500+ words and 10 000+ characters blog post.

You’ve been through a lot of information, tactics and data. So, what is the most important thing to remember from all of this?

Definitely – for generating B2B leads, the first condition is to have a valuable and educational content for each buyer persona and their customer journey phase.

Give them real value and knowledge with which they can solve their problem and make their lives easier. If your audience gains trust in you and sees you as a field-authority, they will gladly leave their content information.

B2B lead generation is a painstaking process which needs to be done continuously through all available channels. It is not enough to send a mass-email and expect that everyone will pour into your sales funnel or buy your product.

Content marketing and the optimization of your web for content marketing is the foundation of every B2B lead generation strategy.

Only when users gain trust in you, they will leave their information. Your task then is to convert them and “transfer” them to the next customer journey phase with quality content pieces and techniques.

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