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Our privacy policy

Riportus is an application that relies on itegration with Google Analytics to provide you with the valuable information about your leads. This page outlines how we use the data we retrieve from your Google Analytics accounts to give you an elegant solution for tracking your leads.

Riportus connects to Google Analytics through Google Analytics Core Reporting API. However, in order to use the application, you will first need to authorize it with Google to make it possible to fetch your data and proccess it before it’s displayed onto your screen.
This is done by redirecting you to Google’s authorization page where you give Riportus the authorization to use your Analytics data as well as your email address. We use OAuth 2.0 to do the process in a secure manner. Riportus will never ask you for your Google password.
Upon successful authorization, you are redirected back to our application and you can start using it.

As soon as our app is authorized to use your Analytics data, we will fetch your accounts, properties and views so you could switch between them while using our application.
While you are using the application, we will fetch the Analytics data on-demand. This means we will only get the data you are asking for at the moment. The data we fetch is primarily website visits of your currently selected website and also includes postprocessing at our server to give you only the relevant information.

We only store the essential information about your Google Analytics. That includes and is limited to: Google OAuth authorization credentials, accounts, properties and views.
We only temporarily store the information that is being fetched on-demand. That includes website visits, sessions etc. The information we store temporarily is being destroyed as soon as your session expires or you log out.
We permanently store the information about the feeds you make while you use the application. This includes the query to fetch the data, but not the data itself.
We permanently store the name of the company you add to favorites or you are commenting about.

There are several measures we have taken to make our application safe and secure. For example, we do not expose any sensitive Analytics data while making requests, like your OAuth credentials or your accounts IDs. This is because we make all the requests from our back-end (our server) and we pass the processed response back to your screen. We also have a secure 256-bit SSL encrypted connection to make sure that passed data is not available to any third party.
Also, most of data we do not store into our database, only the essential information like we already described. This makes our application blazingly fast right from the first use. You get the data you need as soon as you connect the application to Google Analytics.

We do not share any information about your Google or Riportus account to any third party. You are the sole responsible for the information you share weather through our service or any other.

Yes. You are free to authorize and use multiple accounts in our application. However, you can only use one at the time. To choose an account to be active, you can go to the settings page and select it there.
If your Google account has more than one Google Analytics account or more than one property, you can use them as well. You will not have to go to settings to select an active Analytics account or property. You can select them straight from the dashboard.